Video of my talk at Hunter College analyzing Anti-Product’s “The Power of Medusa”

Check out this video of my virtual talk from 10 December 2020 sponsored by the Hunter College Music Department as part of their Music, Talks, and Tea series (talk starts at the one minute mark):

Video thumbnail for Book Lecture: Punk Rock in the 1990s with David Pearson

In this talk, I analyze Anti-Product’s “The Power of Medusa,” a song that goes through a lyrical and musical narrative from despair to rage to empowerment as vocalist Taína Asili confronts the ways her Puerto Rican body is judged by the commercialized white beauty standards ubiquitous in American media. Anti-Product’s “The Power of Medusa” is an excellent example of how, in the 1990s, punk was revolutionized by the assertive presence of women and Latinos in the scene. This talk draws from chapter 4 of my book.

About David Pearson

David Pearson is a music historian, saxophonist, composer, and the author of Rebel Music in the Triumphant Empire: Punk Rock in the 1990s United States.

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