Recording of my Anti-Imperialist Song Cycle

My Anti-Imperialist Song Cycle, five songs that critique the crimes and culture of American empire and fuse operatic singing, modern classical, modal jazz, and hardcore punk, is now available for streaming and download:

It was recorded by dramatic soprano Amanda Zory and pianist Walter Aparicio. Who says you can’t mix opera singing with punk?

Here’s the track listing:

The Fauxhawksmen of the Apocalypse

Disconnecting the Dots

The Incessant Buzz Above

Lament or Celebration?

Take Your Fucking Selfie-Stick and Shove It Up Your Ass

About David Pearson

David Pearson is a music historian, saxophonist, composer, and the author of Rebel Music in the Triumphant Empire: Punk Rock in the 1990s United States.

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