David Pearson is a music historian who speaks and writes in ways that are accessible, engaging, and sometimes humorous. While his research, historical knowledge, and analytical depth is wide-ranging and rigorous, he does not rely on dense theoretical jargon to explain music history. David’s skill at connecting with people has been honed by teaching classes at City University of New York campuses since 2013 on everything from jazz, American popular music, Western art music history, music of the world’s slums, to music and anti-imperialism. He has given presentations at academic conferences on topics ranging from modernist composers to New Orleans rap to punk.

Contact David for lectures, podcasts, media appearances, and panel discussions on topics of his expertise—punk, rap, music and politics, American popular music, modernist and avant-garde music, music and anti-imperialism—or if you need a music historian who can engage a wide variety of musical expressions with respect, rigor, and humor.